Cannot Run Scanpst.exe error

MS Outlook sometimes encounters problems with the PST file.  The PST file stores all of the e-mails and personal information Outlook needs to run properly.  When this occurs, the utility Scanpst.exe needs to be run in order to repair the damaged PST file.  Sometimes the Scanpst.exe utility cannot be run because one of its critical files is missing or damaged.  When this happens, the user will receive an error message when attempting to start the Scanpst.exe utility stating:

Windows cannot find scnpst32.dll

The scnpst32.dll is a critical file for the Scanpst.exe utility.  This file tells the utility how to access and repair the PST file.  This error message will appear if the file is damaged or missing.  The file can be replaced by reinstalling the Scanpst.exe utility.  This utility is available for download at the Microsoft website.

Many users, however, prefer to use a third party utility to repair damaged Outlook PST files.  These are robust PST Repair applications can fix larger PST files and easily resolve very complex damage or corruption issues.

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