Outlook 2007 Crashes When Disabling Reading Pane

Many Outlook users upgrade to Outlook 2007 because it provides more features and customization options than previous version of Outlook.  One feature Outlook 2007 provides increased control over is the reading pane.  When the reading pane is running, the content of the selected e-mail can be read in an internal window called the reading pane.  The reading pane can be positioned in a several different location within the Outlook 2007 interface.  Some users prefer not so see this content every time they highlight an e-mail and disable the reading pane for this reason. Many users are reporting that Outlook 2007 crashes when they attempt to disable the reading pane.

When this happens, Outlook 2007 closes immediately and does not provide the user with an error message.  This can make troubleshooting he issue difficult.  There are several reasons why Outlook 2007 crashes when the reading pane is disabled.  The most common reason is a damaged or corrupt Outlook PST file.

Users can repair the damaged PST file by running the Scanpst.exe utility located in:

C:\Program Files\Common Files\System\MSMAPI\1033

Once the utility is open, browse to the PST file location and click the Scan button.  The utility will automatically repair any damage it finds.  In some cases, users will need to use a third party Outlook PST Repair application the restore full capabilities to Outlook 2007.


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