Outlook Error with MAPI Client

MS Outlook is a popular e-mail client that works with most e-mail service providers.  In order for Outlook to access the e-mails, it needs to be properly configured to communicate with the provider’s system.  The MAPI client stores the configuration information and helps the Outlook PST file communicate with provider’s e-mail server.  The PST file is where Outlook stores all of the user’s personal information and e-mails.

Some Outlook users have reported that they are unable to access their e-mails through Outlook.  Often they receive a message stating:

MAPI Client Error:  Outlook is unable to import messages because MAPI client is not installed.

This error can occur when he MAPI client is not configured correctly or has become corrupted.  Users should verify that Outlook is properly configured to work with their e-mail service provider.  If Outlook is still unable to load messages, uninstalling and reinstalling Outlook will replace the damaged MAPI client.

When the MAPI client becomes damaged, the PST file is often suffers corruption as well.  Repairing the PST file requires the user to run the Scanpst.exe utility located in:

C:\Program Files\Common Files\System\MSMAPI\1033

When the Scanpst.exe utility is running, the user can locate the PST file with the Browse function and begin a scan of the file.  When the utility identifies damage, it will automatically fix it.  In some cases, the damage is too significant for the utility to fully repair the PST file.  In these cases, a third party Outlook PST Repair application will be needed to restore access to the e-mails in Outlook.

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