Outlook Fxsext32.dll Error

MS Outlook is a versatile application that many individuals and businesses use to manage e-mails and keep tasks organized.  The capabilities of Outlook can be expanded by installing various plug-in extensions.  One popular extension is the Fax Service Exchange Client.  This plug-in allows users to send faxes through Outlook.

Some users have reported that the experience errors when attempting to send a fax through Outlook.  When this happens, the user is shown a message stating:

Outlook cannot load or install the file fxsext32.dll

This is a critical file for the Fax Service Exchange Client.  It manages the communication between the fax server and the Outlook PST file where all of the user’s important information is stored.  When the fxsext.32.dll file becomes corrupt or damaged, it often causes damage to the PST file as well.

Often the fxsext.dll file can be fixed by disabling the Fax Service Exchange Client from within Outlook and reinstalling the plug-in.  In order to recover any damaged data in the PST file, the user will run Scanpst.exe.  This utility can be found in:

C:\Program Files\Common Files\System\MSMAPI\1033

Run the Scanpst.exe utility and browse to the PST file.  Click Scan to begin repairing the PST file data.  In most cases this will resolve the issue and Outlook will be able to send faxes again.  In some cases the PST data damage is too severe and a third party Outlook PST Repair application will be need to be run.

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