Scanpst.exe Not Found

MS Outlook is a complicated software application capable of performing a variety tasks.  People and businesses who utilize Outlook on a daily basis find it to be a very powerful tool.  Most have also encountered issues with damaged or corrupt PST files.  The Outlook PST file is where all of a user’s personal information and e-mails are stored by Outlook.  When the PST file becomes unstable, Outlook cannot function properly.  Microsoft includes a utility called the Inbox Repair Tool that can fix a broken PST file.  Sometimes, however, users will not be able to use the Inbox Repair Tool because it is producing the error:

Cannot find scanpst.exe

This error happens when the registry entry for the Inbox Repair Tool becomes damaged or the utility itself is broken.  Reinstalling the utility will usually resolve this problem.  Microsoft has the utility available for download on their website.  If downloading and installing Scanpst.exe does not resolve the problem, a third party Outlook PST Repair application should be used to fix the PST file.

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