Scanpst.exe Not Responding

MS Outlook users who have worked with the program for a long time are familiar with the need to occasionally repair the Outlook PST file.  Over time, the Outlook PST file can become corrupt and prevent Outlook from working properly.  To resolve this problem users run the Inbox Repair Tool provided by Microsoft.  This tool scans the PST file and attempts to repair any damage it finds.

Occasionally, the Inbox Repair Tool will take an extremely long time to complete this task.  Often this is an indication that there is a problem with the Inbox Repair Tool.  Opening the Task Manager and checking the status of scanpst.exe on the Applications tab will reveal whether or not there is a problem.  If the status is Not Responding, select scanpst.exe and choose to End Task.

Scanpst.exe will stop responding for several reasons.  If Outlook is still running, it will not be able to complete the scan of the PST file.  Ensure Outlook is closed and try again.

The most common reasons Scanpst.exe stops responding are PST files larger than 2GB and severe corruption of the PST file.  In both cases, the use of a third party Outlook PST Repair program is recommended.  These utilities are designed to work effectively with larger PST files and handle complex PST file damage.

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