Scnpst.dll is Missing

Anyone who has used MS Outlook for a significant amount of time is familiar with the problems that can happen with the Outlook PST file.  When there are problems with the PST file, the Inbox Repair Tool provided by Microsoft will often resolve the issue.  Some users have reported that they are unable to start the Inbox Repair Tool and instead are shown a message stating:

The scnpst32.dll file cannot be found

This error message indicates that the file is damaged, missing or unregistered.  Replacing the file will resolve the issue.  The scnpst 32.dll file is a critical component of the Scanpst.exe utility more commonly referred to as the Inbox Repair Tool.  Users can download and install Scanpst.exe from the Microsoft website.  Reinstalling this utility will replace the existing version of scnpst.dll and automatically register it.

Some users prefer to use a third party Outlook PST Repair application.  These utilities do not require the scnpst32.dll and can perform a much wider variety of repairs to Outlook PST files.



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